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Operational in the world of flight simulation
Economics by 'Fly the World'

Q2 Logistics | Premium

Is an economic virtual company in the world of flight simulation.

Air Services

Specialized in private traveling and small logistic transport by air.
Operational to/from any possible airport open for the public.

Home Based

Our company is home based at Ostend. Lokated in Belgium (Europe). We are also opperational on Courtrai airport.

Our Fleet

Operational by plane types as Piper PA32, PA46, Daher TBM850, Pilatus PC12, Cessna C208, Embraer Phenom 300, ... .

Economics & Administrations

No longer only flying for flight hours and nautical miles. But, ...
Discover our administrative & economic system in use.
If you want to strengthen our team, take your chance along:
'Fly the World'






Sub Bases

Our Bases

Discover our Bases mainly operational from regional airports

Our bases in a few sentences.

We have bases in Europe & United States.

Currently are we for Europe only based in Belgium. More specifically on Ostend with our home base, and on Courtrai with sub base.

For the United States are we currently operational from Miami/Opa Locka.

We prefer to be based on regional airports by reason they are equipped with the needed accommodation, services & systems during day & night and in less good weather conditions.
Regional airports are also known for better and faster handling times in a more pleasant environment.

Our Fleet

Discover the diversity of our operational fleet.

Our fleet in a few sentences.

Our fleet is operational by plane types as Piper PA32, PA46, Daher-Socata TBM850, Pilatus PC12, Cessna 182, Cessna C208, Cessna 510 Mustang, Embraer Phenom 300, ... .

We have a wide range of plane types to fly the right job by the right plane type.

Our fleet is composed along multiple types of full or fractional ownership. Rented on short term or leased on long term.

Every plane type is bounded on the needed pilot license and type rating. The company will cover the associated costs for the needed type ratings of their own fleet

Economics & Administrations

No longer only flying for flight hours and nautical miles. But take together with your virtual airline colleagues the opportunity to keep the company his digits in the black. At the same time you collect on a competitive manner a carreer inclusive a virtual salary and rankings next to your airline colleagues.
'Fly the World' is also operational as online, dynamic assignment generator with multiple features like filters, last minute charter, split job, ect.
To archive this extra motivation is Q2 Logistics operational by the economic & administrative system 'Fly the World'.
Visit the FTW-website to discover all the features this economic and administrative va-addon include.

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Don't hesitate to contact us for more details, recruitments or suggestions.

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